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    By Onsite Energy Projects

    Most businesses have a short payback limit on the capex they invest. But pressure is growing for businesses to be more sustainable and save money. “Quick wins” have probably already been done. Often companies have projects they would like to do, but don’t hit the payback target, or need help in identifying solutions. 

    OEP provides a data-led approach to identify and then fund the measures with off-balance sheet services agreements.

    The benefits are:

    • Profit growth (cost savings) without any investment
    • Full benefit of emissions savings
    • Acceleration of sustainability investments and plans

    With COVID-19, many companies are facing capex cuts.  So why not look at our no-capex approach.  There is nothing to lose, it won’t cost anything and you could learn something about the opportunities you have.  

    If this sounds interesting then please get in touch with David Kipling at or call him on 07824 018991. OEP specialises in supporting energy intensive industry.

    Onsite Energy Projects provides energy savings and energy generation solutions to energy intensive businesses, without capex if required.


    Stuart O'Brien

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