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Baishakhi Sengupta, Energy Compliance & Sustainability Manager, Avara Foods

“How energy management can help with capping carbon emissions”

ENMS at Avara Foods is a sustainability journey. The ENMS has improved efficiencies significantly, which has led to phenomenal reductions in fossil fuel consumption, bottom line has improved, and operational carbon emissions reduced.

  • Driving operational efficiency through Kaizen and continual improvement
  • Non-linear positive impacts of design on ENMS
  • Linking ENMS to decarbonisation and 4IR
  • ENMS and the UN SDGs

Nick Turton – External Affairs Director, Energy Institute

“Be the energy management leader you always wanted to be!”

Energy managers today are moving from the boiler room to the board room, taking on expanded roles of increasing importance to business strategy. It’s a dynamic vocation pulling levers across energy supply, efficiency, generation, demand management and behaviour change. But how can you set yourself apart and succeed in your current and future roles? Join Nick for this presentation as he lets you in on the Energy Institute’s 5-point plan!

  • See the big picture
  • Become a policy wonk
  • Behave yourself!
  • Skill up and stay there
  • Grab your 15 minutes of fame

Tony Wright – Divisional Director, ebm-papst

“How to achieve significant energy savings in legacy HVAC equipment”

The presentation will look at key areas of energy consumption within commercial buildings and using case studies for a number of different sites will demonstrate energy savings and reduced carbon emissions achieved by upgrading both the fans and controls in buildings HVAC equipment.

  • Major opportunities to save energy in HVAC systems
  • Case studies depicting substantial energy savings
  • What’s so special about EC technology?
  • Typical applications where savings can be made
  • Four step approach

David Eynon, Associate Director, Energy and Technical Services Ltd

“Understanding your energy culture to achieve effective energy efficiency through behavioural change”

A walk-through the Energy Institutes “Understanding your energy culture” tool and how to apply to a behavioural change programme and recognise success.

  • Energy culture (what is it?)
  • How to identify your energy culture throughout your organisation
  • Identify the gaps and analyse
  • Behavioural change
  • Use of data to celebrate success