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    By David Kipling, OnSite Energy

    Many businesses are getting shocks when they are coming to renew their current electricity contracts, with significant price hikes.  Energy suppliers have been hit hard by impacts of defaults from COVID and commodity volatility, which are driving the increases.

    For energy intensive companies, this may threaten their business if they can’t pass on the additional cost to customers.

    What can you do ?   Brokers have limited scope to help, but you should definitely shop around. 

    Now has also never been a better time to revisit both energy efficiency to reduce consumption and onsite electricity and heat generation.

    With rising cost per kWh and falling technology costs, the payback on measures you appraised a few years ago may be a lot shorter, and with the recent “super deduction” from 1 April (which can provide up to 130% writing down allowances for capital investment), the capex challenge may be lower. 

    If the paybacks are still too long, we can also offer zero capex solutions which can typically still result in 15%+ savings.

    Please visit www.on-site.energy to find out more.


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