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  • Is GenAI the key to sustainable industry?

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    As the transformation towards Industry 4.0 reaches its peak, generative AI (genAI) is looking to redefine operational processes across diverse sectors: from custom automotive designs to optimised construction blueprints, genAI’s capability to design, prototype, and support customers is marking a new dawn.

    THat’s according to research from says GlobalData, with Saurabh Daga, Associate Project Manager of its Disruptive Tech division, stating: “GenAI demonstrates the incredible possibilities of combining intelligence with industry. It can play a transformative role in predicting, designing, and improving processes and products. It is not just a new tool; it can be seen as a paradigm shift in how industries approach thinking, designing, and manufacturing. The ultimate promise is achieving a unique blend of creativity and efficiency that has never been seen before.

    “GenAI algorithms can decode the understanding of technicalities across different sectors, like aerospace & defense, mining, and packaging, to create sustainable and efficient solutions. It enables industries to explore new areas of design and functionality. Moreover, when applied to sectors like energy & power, genAI can support sustainable solutions by aiding the generation of optimal designs for infrastructure and systems.”

    GlobalData’s Innovation Radar report, “Code to Machine – Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meets Industrial Sectors,” delves into over 50 real-life genAI implementations. The report categorizes these implementations based on the end-use sectors and use cases.

    Hyundai’s recently launched “Open for Imagination” digital campaign uses genAI to let users craft custom outdoor dreamscapes with the new SANTA FE. Using a text-to-image AI model, it generates unique images from user-selected keywords for moods and landscapes. Accessible through Hyundai’s official Instagram, it offers interactive, personalized engagement.

    ABB partnered with Microsoft to infuse genAI capabilities into industrial digital solutions. This collaboration aims to enrich the ABB Ability Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite, increasing user engagement and optimizing the use of contextualized data for efficiency and sustainability. ABB is leveraging Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service to complement the ABB Ability Genix platform.

    Shell is leveraging genAI technology in its deep-sea exploration and production to increase offshore oil production. It is using AI startup SparkCognition’s large AI algorithms to analyze extensive seismic data to discover new oil reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Daga concluded: “GenAI is not just a tech buzz word; it may turn out to be a game-changer for industries. Its unique ability to design, predict, and optimize can reduce design constraints. By harnessing the combination of large language models with technologies such as IoT and cloud industries can enhance efficiency all the while embracing creative design ideas, eventually leading to an innovative future.”

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