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  • Four essential questions behind a credible net zero strategy

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    By ENGIE Impact

    The Race to Zero is on. More than 1,000 companies, including 82 Global Fortune 500 companies, have announced Net Zero targets, with many joining the race within the last 12 months alone. Yet, in the absence of finalised, widely-accepted Net Zero standards, many are questioning the credibility of corporate Net Zero pledges. Even companies demonstrating climate leadership and setting bold Paris-aligned targets are facing scrutiny. Stakeholders want to know: How real are your commitments? How will you enable change at the pace and scale required to reach Net Zero?

    The questions from stakeholders are justified. Often companies don’t realise reaching Net Zero requires significant, strategic business transformation. In the Race to Zero, most companies are at the starting line, coalescing around key definitions to guide their Net Zero transition. While standards are still evolving, ENGIE Impact experts developed a clear and simple framework to help you design and deliver a credible Net Zero target. The approach revolves around asking four essential questions:

    1. Why commit to Net Zero?
    2. When should you reach Net Zero?
    3. Where are your emission boundaries?
    4. What’s your strategy to achieve Net Zero?

    How you answer these questions—and disclose your Net Zero strategy and progress—will make all the difference to your credibility. Read more on:   


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