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Case Study: Sustainable Energy Management for Automotive Manufacturers

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By ENGIE Impact

With global, energy intensive portfolios of showrooms, manufacturing plants and electric vehicle charging points, controlling energy usage and spend is a top priority for automotive companies. A decentralised approach to energy management has its benefits, but creates challenges for gathering complete datasets for internal reporting, with added concern that invoices from energy suppliers are often insufficiently monitored and incorrectly charged.

One Fortune 100 automotive company was looking for an experienced sustainability consultant with global reach matched with local expertise, in-depth experience in data acquisition, expense management and green energy procurement, as well as a robust and multi-lingual energy and sustainability platform – and selected ENGIE Impact as their partner.

ENGIE Impact’s international footprint and holistic service offering meant that the automotive company only needed to partner with one consultant for all their global energy and sustainability needs. To solve the company’s challenges, our teams carried out four main phases:
1. Data Acquisition
2. Invoice Validation
3. Supplier Consolidation
4. Green Energy Procurement.

Throughout this mission, our energy and sustainability platform provided the company with immediate visibility into their cost and consumption at the portfolio, regional and site level. Our teams managed an annual energy consumption of 2.3 TWh across more than 2,500 sites globally, processing 33,000 invoices per year received in 23 languages, of which 39% required investigation with the company’s energy suppliers. Over a 12-month period, we procured 235 GWh of renewable energy for the company in Europe. Our client is now better positioned to make data-driven decisions towards their financial and environmental objectives.

Learn more about this partnership at: https://go.engieimpact.com/manufacturer-energy-management

Four essential questions behind a credible net zero strategy

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By ENGIE Impact

The Race to Zero is on. More than 1,000 companies, including 82 Global Fortune 500 companies, have announced Net Zero targets, with many joining the race within the last 12 months alone. Yet, in the absence of finalised, widely-accepted Net Zero standards, many are questioning the credibility of corporate Net Zero pledges. Even companies demonstrating climate leadership and setting bold Paris-aligned targets are facing scrutiny. Stakeholders want to know: How real are your commitments? How will you enable change at the pace and scale required to reach Net Zero?

The questions from stakeholders are justified. Often companies don’t realise reaching Net Zero requires significant, strategic business transformation. In the Race to Zero, most companies are at the starting line, coalescing around key definitions to guide their Net Zero transition. While standards are still evolving, ENGIE Impact experts developed a clear and simple framework to help you design and deliver a credible Net Zero target. The approach revolves around asking four essential questions:

  1. Why commit to Net Zero?
  2. When should you reach Net Zero?
  3. Where are your emission boundaries?
  4. What’s your strategy to achieve Net Zero?

How you answer these questions—and disclose your Net Zero strategy and progress—will make all the difference to your credibility. Read more on: https://go.engieimpact.com/net-zero-strategy.   

New Release: The European Energy Market Report

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Wholesale energy markets throughout Europe are still volatile and complex. Between supply and demand, geopolitics and macro/micro economics, energy managers and procurement specialists find it difficult to manage the risk associated with energy purchases without a deep understanding of the markets and the many elements that affect pricing.

Developed using data from over 30 deregulated countries across Europe, this new resource offers expert analysis of the European internal energy market, including: 

  • Natural gas price breakdown at country level
  • Electricity price breakdown at country level
  • Available energy sourcing opportunities
  • Cost avoidance potential

This complimentary report provides a window into ENGIE Impact’s energy market intelligence and is available on: https://go.engieimpact.com/l/9912/2021-06-30/9ww5zh

Realise your net zero ambitions through SECR compliance

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Businesses have a major part to play in helping the UK reach its target of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. The Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) legalisation requires organisations to publicly report energy use, carbon emissions, and energy efficiency, and it can be an important first step to achieving your carbon reduction targets. 

What is SECR?
SECR came into force in April 2019 and is a set of sustainability regulations requiring large organisations to report energy and carbon emissions as well as energy efficiency measures taken throughout the year, on an annual basis. It affects almost 12 thousand companies putting more responsibility on them to choose how they measure and report their emissions.

Do you need to comply?

Large UK incorporated companies are required to comply with SECR if they have two of the three qualifying conditions; 

  • at least 250 employees, 
  • an annual turnover of more than£36m 
  • an annual balance sheet total over £18m

Achieving SECR compliance 
Specialist energy consultants such as ENGIE can support your business by providing end-to-end assistance for all your SECR obligations. At ENGIE we will calculate accurate emissions, produce your SECR report and provide a template that fits your business for future use. We will identify the most appropriate metrics to measure your business against and express your emissions as a ratio of activities chosen specifically for you. We can carry out all necessary audits to ensure you are fully compliant, all with minimal disruption to you. 

Already SECR compliant?  – take the next step with ENGIE Certify  
Our ENGIE Certify service covers all your compliance requirements  – If you’re already SECR compliant that is a great first step to achieving your carbon reduction targets, ENGIE can help you progress by  working with you to produce a net zero roadmap. By looking at energy efficiency, renewable generation and energy sourcing we can show you how you can make your business net zero, and we can help you achieve it. 

Find out more about how ENGIE can support your SECR reporting and help you achieve your net zero ambitions here

ENGIE specialises in the production and supply of low carbon energy, services and regeneration supporting the net zero carbon transition.

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