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  • 5 Opportunities to Reduce your Energy Costs

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    By Centrica Business Solutions

    In today’s challenging economic climate, it’s more critical than ever to control and reduce business costs.  As a major overhead, energy is a good place to focus. In fact, a 20% cut in energy costs can represent the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales.

    However, many businesses are unclear how best to achieve energy cost efficiencies without jeopardising carbon reduction targets or spending large sums of money.

    Centrica Business Solutions has published a new guide that details five opportunities to help businesses manage energy costs to balance commercial success with environmental responsibility. 

    The guide explains how advances in technology, digitalisation and new financing models are opening up affordable new opportunities to make long-term energy savings. These methods can help businesses to work towards their net-zero ambitions, while also improving operation efficiency and resilience.

    Our energy cost reduction guide shows you 5 proven methods to:

    1. Drive energy efficiency through data

    2. Unlock revenue opportunities from your energy estate

    3.  Create energy independence by generating your own power

    4.  Become a sustainable business and gain competitive advantage

    5.  Use finance solutions to invest in new energy technology

    Centrica Business Solutions partners with organisations to deliver integrated distributed energy projects. We help you to balance commercial success and environmental responsibility to take a cost effective pathway to a low carbon future.

    Benefit from our international footprint, expertise and flexible finance – to improve your cost, environmental & operational performance.

    Download the new guide: ‘5 Opportunities to manage energy costs’


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