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INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Derwent FM energy management & sustainability

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By Derwent FM

What impact are we having on the environment? What is our legacy for the next generation? These decisions now underpin all key strategic moves we make as a business. We do not just ask such questions of ourselves, but also of our supply chain and subcontractor base.

Each of our suppliers now is vetted for their green credentials and monitored for activity going forward, with those failing to meet they key criteria no longer used.

We pride ourselves on our complete and comprehensive approach to energy management and sustainability, and this means no aspect of our business is exempt from our continuous assessment of how we impact our environment. 

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Derwent fm takes positive action for World Environment Day

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By Derwent fm

Derwent fm are proud to announce the bold steps we are taking on climate action by signing up to The Climate Group’s business initiative on efficient energy (EP100).

Derwent are joining the EP100 project through the energy management pathway. We have committed to reduce our energy consumption by 40% through our energy management system by 2050. This is based on our 2019/20 baseline year.

Derwent fm are one of the first facilities management companies to sign up to EP100. Joining this initiative is a major step towards helping us deliver our strategy and achieve our goals.

Janice Boucher, MD, Derwent fm, said: “Following our implementation of an energy management system and accreditation to ISO 50001, we wish to join other energy smart companies with a commitment to accelerate improvements in climate change. We are passionate about exploring energy efficient technologies and driving cultural change to reduce emissions, costs and combat climate change.”

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Energy Management from Derwent FM

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By Derwent FM

Energy management is fast becoming the key area of focus in facilities management. As the effects of human impact on our climate and environment become ever more apparent and visible, all stakeholders have their agenda.

We are now seeing real investment in environmentally focused projects such decarbonising heating systems, reducing environmental impact for clients but also crucially saving them vast amounts of money. Therefore, pleasing both shareholders and customers.

This will be the key issue over the years to come, it is crucial that businesses adapt and focus on this today.

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