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    By Ekta Mehra, Marketing Exec, Unify Energy

    Over the last 27 months, the world has experienced a significant amount of turbulence. Since the pandemic there has been more fear of the unknown in the energy sector, especially in the UK. This has had an impact on building managers and landlords, particularly when it comes to how they charge their tenants for energy use.

    Though it was already widely agreed that billing by square footage isn’t an ideal way of charging occupiers for their energy consumption, sometimes it’s the only reasonable solution and there are ratios and methods to create a fairer apportionment between users.

    However, users who have requested they don’t be charged whatsoever for the times their spaces have been vacant throughout the pandemic have made landlords stop and think about how this facility could be operated once offices are full again. Without granular metering infrastructure, how do landlords or occupiers validate what has or has not been consumed by each user?

    Additionally, customers are looking to their landlords to help them achieve greater sustainability, as we each strive to become more carbon neutral. Those who want their buildings to play a role in achieving the UK’s net-zero targets must start to consider how they can update their energy infrastructure to provide cleaner, greener options while also making the billing, management, and supply of energy a painless experience for their users.

    Unify Energy is a fully licensed Energy Supplier. We supply the main building gas and electricity meters like other suppliers but we also specialise in the management of sub-meters supplying Energy to the sub-customers (tenants) in a building. Unify energy has 10 years of experience working with sub-metering in multi-tenanted buildings. Over the last two years, we have developed a bespoke Energy calculation and billing system that treats those sub-metered customers just as if they were the main customer in the building meaning that the customer can receive an accurate invoice for Energy supplied to their suite from an OFGEM regulated Energy supplier.  Unify Energy is the only fully regulated supplier to provide this end-to-end service.

    Additionally, our systems and specialist working knowledge of how commercial buildings work allow us to account manage customers and continue to develop our systems like no other supplier. The specific way we sleeve renewable energy into our solutions also enhances customers’ opportunities to take advantage of sustainable and climate-friendly energy solutions.  This is supported by the recent example of our role in Bruntwood’s acquisition of a 42.4% share in a significant wind farm development in Scotland.

    Unify Energy has a package for you no matter what type of metering infrastructure is present in the building. Our solutions are flexible depending on the services required by building owners and operators. Our unique systems accommodate every infrastructure and billing scenario.

    To know more feel free to get in touch with us at 0330 058 0580 or drop us an email at


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