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Greening The Grid, Not Breaking The Bank: The affordable way UK businesses can make a difference

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UK businesses are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. Stakeholders, employees, customers, and the government alike are all demanding quantifiable sustainable practices. The good news? Going green doesn’t have to break the bank. Ripple offers a simple, affordable solution for businesses to take meaningful environmental action.

Slashing Carbon Footprints, Boosting Credibility

Ripple helps businesses to co-own renewable energy sources such as solar parks and wind farms. This allows companies to power themselves with genuinely green electricity, thereby reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and significantly lowering operational carbon footprints. Reduced monthly energy bills are a further benefit of embracing the cooperative energy ownership model.

“We’re increasingly thinking about the CO2 emissions impact of our manufacturing. The difficulty is, in most cases still, the greenest solution is not the cheapest one and in a competitive market place you’ve got to be competitive.” Darren Joint of Viking Signs, a Ripple business member, noted. “Consumers are beginning to choose the more sustainable choice and we’re trying to drive that with the tools that we can create ourselves. With Ripple the opportunity to create new [energy] generation was what we were attracted to. As with many SMEs, we don’t own our building, it’s leased. So that’s an advantage of the cooperative model of remote resource.”

Such commitment to sustainability not only benefits the environment and business bottom lines, but also demonstrates a company’s position as an environmental leader in its sector. This, by looking at alternatives to commonplace ESG strategies which can include corporate Power Purchase Agreements and green tariffs. Instead, with Ripple, companies directly increase the UK’s renewable energy capacity while also reaping profitable rewards.

Engaging Stakeholders, Attracting Top Talent

Stakeholders are increasingly scrutinising professional environmental practices and ESG strategies. Aligning with Ripple’s mission of green energy for all represents a significant step in the right, planet-first, direction. Furthermore, recent data suggests that employees are increasingly drawn to companies that prioritise sustainability and reward such operations with low staff turn-over, another significant cost-saving.

Making The Switch Is Simple

Ripple makes transitioning to renewable energy effortless. Interested businesses can use the online calculator to understand how much their chosen number of shares will cost and what this will mean in terms of monthly bill savings for decades to come. Flexibility is built-in with companies able to create a green energy portfolio across multiple projects, equating to a maximum of 120% of their annual electricity consumption. Purchase and onboarding can all be managed online, or with assistance from the Ripple for Business team.

Once a project is built and operating, real-time generation and savings data is displayed on a personalised dashboard, making stakeholder reporting simple.

Leading The Green Revolution

By partnering with Ripple, businesses can significantly reduce their environmental impact, contribute to a country-wide push for sustainable practices, enhance their reputations, and attract top talent – all at an affordable price. Ripple membership represents a growing movement of UK businesses taking a stand for a greener future, today.

‘Demonstrate climate leadership’, Ripple tells UK businesses

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To maintain credibility in an increasingly climate-conscious landscape, UK businesses are being encouraged to consider taking tangible action that will generate stakeholder and planetary benefits. Ripple–in particular–takes a proactive approach to helping companies progress their ESG strategies, through green energy ownership and environmental leadership.

Ripple’s latest project is Whitelaw Brae, a wind farm set to be the UK’s largest people-owned site of its kind. Located in Scotland, the site will be able to power more than 50,000 UK homes and businesses, while reducing carbon emissions and stabilising energy bills for everyone who participates.

Common sense climate action

Co-owning Whitelaw Brae will unlock a wealth of benefits for UK businesses. First and foremost, they’ll gain 30 years of stable energy prices, while being shielded from unpredictable cost spikes. Savings are applied directly to energy bills throughout the project’s lifespan, creating enhanced financial security. In addition, Whitelaw Brae is projected to be a masterclass in people-powered sustainability, saving an estimated 78,323 tonnes of CO2e annually. By participating, businesses will demonstrate a proactive commitment to environmental responsibility – a factor increasingly valued by customers, employees, and investors alike.

Ripple fosters a vibrant community of businesses that share a vision of a sustainable UK. Joining Whitelaw Brae connects a network of like-minded companies, presenting valuable collaboration opportunities and solidifying each operation’s reputation as a sustainability leader within its sector. It also allows businesses to align with a future-proof energy strategy. The UK government’s interest in renewable energy sources keenly positions Ripple members to navigate the evolving energy landscape with confidence.

Ripple’s community ownership model empowers businesses to take control of their energy future, alongside thousands of others. In addition to positive impacts on operational bottom lines, environmentally astute companies that participate will also actively contribute to a cleaner, greener UK grid and earmark themselves as climate leaders. It’s a win-win.

Ready to take action?

Visit Ripple today to learn more about becoming a member of the Whitelaw Brae Wind Farm and securing a sustainable future for your business.