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Energy Monitoring and Targeting – Mapping data to gain more meaning

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Gathering energy data to measure the performance of your building estate is commonplace. With rising energy costs and a move towards reducing carbon it is of course important to monitor and report on the energy usage across your building estate. Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (AM&T) is a standard process for energy reduction, but what if there was another way?

A more intelligent approach to energy use in buildings

What if you were able to map your energy usage with occupancy usage, to tailor building services to demand? Resulting in an optimised, more efficient building. What if you were able to collate data from different building services to provide a more intelligent approach to usage? For example, you could map the BMS data with your lighting and your meeting room booking system. In this instance you could manage the energy around meeting rooms in an office location more effectively. When not in use you could power off all appliances in that space. You could even instruct for cleaning to be put on hold. But when a meeting is scheduled you could automate the HVAC to bring the room up to temperature in time for the start of the booking, you could initiate the lighting and instruct for cleaning to take place afterwards. Additionally, if the meeting was cancelled yet not updated on the system, the space if not entered in the first 15 minutes, could be relaxed and automatically made available for others whilst also saving valuable consumption. By mapping different services within one building you are then able to be smarter with your energy and service provision.

The AXON platform gathers big building data, to provide visualisations and reporting on energy, consumption, lighting, environment and occupancy, for estate performance analytics at all levels. By seamlessly integrating your building data onto the technology independent AXON platform you can optimise the performance of your estate today. There is no need to change or install different plant equipment, AXON is brand agnostic and can be connected to your existing BMS.

Providing fair and transparent recharging of utility costs to occupants

Another added benefit to gathering big building data is the ability to accurately bill energy costs to tenants, known as intelligent apportionment. With AXON this process can be automated and is something we have done for buildings such as London Bridge City estate including Hays Galleria, Cottons Centre, No 1 London Bridge City and 2 & 6 More London. Broadgate Estates were looking for a platform that was technology independent, a platform that could integrate disparate data streams from the technologies installed within the estate. Broadgate Estates wanted to reduce the overall energy consumption of their clients’ building stock, whilst also provide fair and transparent recharging of utility costs to occupants. 

Broadgate Estates have experience in using the disparate technologies within a building to reduce consumption and deliver occupier bills. Yet existing solutions, in their opinion, were not integrated or automated sufficiently; or there was a commercial bind between the software platform and a specific brand of hardware. Importantly they wanted to combine data from both the energy management system (EMS) and BMS to identify energy reduction opportunities, to then also prove the outcome of the remedy.

Working with AXON they were able to achieve a significant reduction in operational hours per annum resulting in identified energy savings of 1,935,876 kWh.

If you wish to take a more informed approach to your building management then please get in touch with the AXONteam to learn more. CONTACT US