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Energy & Carbon Savings – Data and the Physical Interface

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Significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, through ETS’ Smart Energy Management which empowers those with drive and ambition through an approach that tenaciously maintains the lowest consumption required for any business to reduce waste, reduce spend, increase performance, and guarantee savings.

Smart data acquisition and analytics allows waste to be identified and through an engineer’s lens ETS formulate the corrective actions required, thereby reducing costs and mitigating emissions whilst improving equipment performance. Using real time data analytics, knowledgeable engineering and inciteful thought processes, our technologies are ‘smart’ – not just clever but proper ‘SMART’.

We’ve been doing this for over 24 years with some of the largest UK Companies and have witnessed the increased investment in digital technology over recent years which is a very positive illustration of organisational interests in the environmental and commercial impacts of energy. However, the lack of proper skill to interpret the data streams can be a setback to making real changes in any business. Having the newest green technology doesn’t ‘cut it’ alone, you need the ability to manage technology in a way that reflects proper energy management and drives efficiencies for the business. This is where digital meets physical in energy, data, engineering, and systems management.

Digital Meet Physical – ETS bridging the gap.

To meet this challenge ETS have competent teams and resources including Data scientists, Control specialists, Engineers and Energy managers using data in an insightful way to seek out inefficiencies and saving opportunities. Moreover, we have digital tools to help us monitor, measure, and analyse energy data to international measurement & verification standards (IPMVP).  If there is not already an energy management system in place, we can support the implementation for any organisation and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Powering success through a well thought out and proven process of WHY reduce, WHAT to reduce and HOW to reduce. Data and knowledge of engineering dynamics allow ETS to guarantee real operational savings.


To have your performance improvements identified and guaranteed contact ETS at: or 0117 379 0850